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 Omicron Omega Chapter

Volume 1, Issue 1                                                                                                                               August 2001

Letter From the Editor–in-Chief

The Women of Delta Sigma Theta are constantly working to better life for those in need.  We reach into our global communities to bring awareness to economical, educational, political, mental, physical, and international issues that affect us all.  We are leaders in the fight against AIDS and the high rates of depression in black women.  We bring a voice to those in our community about politics and what they can do to make their vote count.  We work to give those around us an equal opportunity for education. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, we work hard at our job. 

 The Omicron Omega Chapter at Texas A&M University is proud to announce another new project in the chapters long list of services, The OQ, News for You.  This newsletter will be published quarterly and will highlight current programs and other issues around campus.  Be sure to check out the webpage ( if you can’t find a copy near you! DSQ


Delta on The Yard

From hosting informative and beneficial programs to performing original step routines at school functions and community events, the Omicron Omega Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta is far from inconspicuous. 

The level of respect for Delta Sigma Theta and the members of our chapter is exhibited in the great amount of participation and support we receive from Texas A&M students, other organizations, and the Bryan-College Station community.  Our regular bi-weekly Bible study attracts a diverse group of people who enjoy praising the Lord as well as fellowshipping with the women of Delta Sigma Theta and other Christians.  Programs created under the Five Point Thrust attract a similar crowd who seek further knowledge and insight into the subject at hand; including controversial topics such as HIV and AIDS.  In addition, our annual events continue to increase in numbers of participants and sponsors, which perpetuates further respect and appreciation for Delta Sigma Theta and its members.

Being a tenacious group of women with individual interests, thoughts, and abilities its no wonder that members of Delta Sigma Theta can be found participating in a wide variety of organizations and activities outside of Delta.  Classes and organizations associated with agriculture, animal sciences, engineering, business, and education, to name a few, are areas in which Deltas at Texas A&M are not only visible, but are also making a difference.  In addition, interest organizations that include dance, the uplifting of African-Americans, as well as the promotion of racial and sexual diversity are other means in which Delta is represented “on the yard”.  Finally, we take great pride in saying that four of the offices in the National Pan-Hellenic Council are occupied by members of Delta
































Inside This Issue


Letter From the Editor–in-Chief, Delta On The Yard



Programs, Community Service, Rage Against AIDS, Founder’s Day


Greek Olympiad, Big Event, Announcements, PlayDay


Brain Buster!


Deltas Fight


Last April, the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. worked with Lambda Theta Phi Fraternity, Inc. to co-program ”THE RAGE AGAINST AIDS!’.  As a predominantly African-American sorority and a predominately Latin fraternity, the two organizations understand that AIDS is an increasing epidemic in both communities that demands attention.  With this in mind, we presented a program that provided college students with knowledge, testimonies, and professional HIV testing.  The goal of THE RAGE AGAINST AIDS was to raise students’ consciousness by educating them with unbelievable statistics, a question and answer session, and one-on-one conversations with Texas A&M’s sex councilor, Maggie the Aggie.  This program was an excellent means for Omicron Omega to exercise the Physical and Mental Health Thrust and it was also a way encouraging and reminding others and ourselves to protect God’s greatest gift – our lives.  DSQ

Founders’ Day Program

On March 29, 2001 Omicron Omega held our annual Founders’ Day program.    Founders’ Day is a time we set aside to honor the 22 courageous women who founded our illustrious sisterhood. This year’s theme was “Preparing our Minds for Change.”

The program began with Soror Zerika Lee leading the sorors and attendees in a prayer.  Following this, Soror Tamara Caesar made the opening remarks welcoming all of those in attendance. Soror Willette Trotty then gave a brief synopsis on the founding and the rich history of our sorority.  Next, Sorors Krista Flanagan and Kirsten Henry gave presentations.  Krista recited a poem in honor of our Founders titled “I am Divine” and Kirsten led a candle lighting ceremony. 

After each of the nine historically black Greek organizations founding’s were recognized in the candle lighting, Soror Rasheda James introduced our guest speaker for the night, Soror Agnes L. Gray.  Her speech explored the theme of the night, “Preparing our Minds for Change.” She spoke about how it related to the Founders and to the present time.  She was very motivating and her speech thought provoking.
























Greek Olympiad

It's been two years since the Omicron Omega Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta has competed in the Greek Olympiad Step Show here at Texas A&M University. Kappa Alpha Psi hosts this annual step competition and it has now become one of the largest step shows in the state of Texas. Though the ladies had serious time constraints, with only three weeks of practice, they pulled together and managed to create a very entertaining, creative, and successful performance. They had good competition, yet were able to earn a second place victory, missing first place by only 5 points! They received a trophy and $500 for their chapter. DSQ



























































Volume 1 Brain Buster!


3. A great place to volunteer?

5. People that go to A&M schools

 6. Telecommunications guru

8. _________ and Cream

9. Delta is a ____________

10. Animal with great memory capacity

12. Bi-weekly Praise Event

 13. Major city in Texas



1.        Where was Delta Founded?

2. Annual Program

4. What month was Delta Founded?

7. What is the name of TAMU's Chapter?

11. Delta for short